The last tumb

It is the hit of the show. Its finer points and its historic reality seduce all our visitors ! With, in the center, a Sphinx in a comic book style with a nice head reminding Akhenaton’s one.

One the sides, Ramses II in the Kadesh battle (1274 befor J.C). It’s a battle against the Hittites, started by his father Sethi I.

On the borders of this maze, a tumb (the Naos) in full search… It is here Hatchepsout’s reign which is honoured, but Ramses is reminded too.

On your may, you will cross the Cave VII, tumb of Ramses II better known than the one of his hundreds of children burried in Cave V discovered very recently in the Valley of the Kings…

The rooms and corridors of the maze come one after another… and are all more or less alike and get muddled up… And, above all, end up in a cul-de-sac… So we are in the tumb ?


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