Covid Measures

Contingency plaN implemented at ENIGMAPARC during  COVID19

The health protocle we implemented force us to new management procedures in order to ensure your health safety.

The main changes :

  • Duration of the game of maximum 3 hours (to allow the disinfection of the whole place)
  • Mandatory wearing of the mask everywhere in the park (execpt for children under 6 for whom the mask can be more dangerous than the virus). Plexi-glass panels have also been installed to allow our staff not to be constantly masked in front of you.

  • The least possible objects entering the park … Impossibility to drop your belongings once in the park. Backpacks are not allowed except for very small ones (like handbags). Only watre bottles are allowed (no food, candies, chewing-gum…). A control of the bags, for the Vigipirate plan, is still performed before accessing the game zone.
  • Quota system for the entrances : 50% of the capacity => booking mandatory
  • Respect of the social distancing rule (1 m minimum) from the parking lot ; ground marking in the shape of squares (imagine yourselves on a game board… It’s almost already the start of the game !) : you know it by heart but if you want to show it to the children once more : the film

  • Displaying: Signs will explain the accessing conditions right from the front door bu you can already read them below.
  • Hand washing : all our lavatories have been equiped with contact-less light switches, virucidal soap dispensers and hand dyers. In addition, hydroacoholic solution dipensers have been istalled.


  • Aeration and ventilation : an air cooler (with outside air taking!) enables to constantly renew the air with outside air.
  • A team is composed of a maximum of 6 persons including 1 major adult. Each team must stand in the center of the « square » marked on the ground and wait, before moving, for the next square to be free. The person, in the team, in charge of payment presents him/herself alone in front of the cashier, gives the name and phone number of the reservation and pays the tickets for the whole team. Then he or she follows the instructions given by the cashier to wait for the briefing on the game. He or she makes sure that the children adopt the right reflexes from the start : no touching uselessely walls, decorating objects… which could become contaminating and respect the distancing.
  • The hostess who welcomes the teams will lead you to the benches spaced apart of 1m between each team. You will find there you game board and pencil previously disinfected.
  • She will explain the game rules and the park’s rules of procedure. Please listen carefully and in the repect of others. She will indicate that the briefing area won’t be accessible during the next briefings to respect the distancing.

Of course this protocole isn’t fixed and can evolve according to the needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us by email contact[@] to communicate your wishes ? ideas  ? If you were coming to Enigmaparc once the quarantine is over, which measures would like to be implemented to make you feel safe ?



New organization :

To allow us to welcome the most people on a same day, there will be 4 game sessions:

  • 2 in the morning from 10am to 1:15pm and from 10:30am to 1:45pm :
  • 2 in the afternoon from 2pm to 5:45pm and from 2:30pm to 6:15pm
  • Arrival on site 30 min before to buy your tickets

It is crucial that you respect these schedules because we will have to completely disinfect the park between the two sessions. You will have to leave the park immediately when you are told to by an announcement and light calls in the mazes (the lights will be switches off for a few seconds 3 times in a row.) It will mean you must leave the park.

We are compelled to cancel the treasure hunt during this period, for organization reasons, but also to prevent contamination.

CONCERNing the RESToRATION, It will, for now, be « take away » only. 

Unfortunately, it will indeed be take away restoration because, at first, we won’t be able to ensure at the same time the park’s disinfection between 2 sessions and the restoration.

Please give your phone number or email adress at each contact with our team so we can inform you of any coming changes following new governmental decisions.


If you cough and have fever… stay home !


The « small team » and its management.

Welcoming team

Equipe création

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