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SERVICE IS FROM 12:30 TO 2:30 EVERDAY DAY OF OPENING (1:00 to 2:30 when the park opens at 1pm). BECAUSE OF THE HEALTH CRISIS we distanced our tables and so removed some of them; we recommend the « all inclusive » formula to ensure your places. It is also still possible to order take out and to eat on the outside picnic area. We also give you a precise lunch time  to be able to serve everyone. Please respect these times.

Full menu from 12:30 to 2:30 then choices of « snacks » served all day. A dish « of the day » is also displayed in the lunch room : don’t hesitate to ask our hostesses for it.

3 menus between 8€ and 10,50€, drink included : steak or sausages-chips, croque-monsieur, quiche, hot dogs but also a la carte pizza, sandwich, and a dish of the day…

1 menu for the afternoon snack (4,2€) with drinks, muffins, brownies …

In addition :  ice-creams, apple sauces, drinks, donuts, smoothie, candies,  …

snack bar menu

8 tables are at your disposal on the lawn outside : capacity 60 pers.

Enigmaparc’s picnic area

Attention : picnic is not allowed in the restaurants inside the park. the area is sheltered and windproof on the back but don’t plan a picnic in very bad weather.

To allow the Cherokee snack bar to last; we can’t accept that people bring their own food inside the park without jeopardizing the equivalent of 1.5 employees’ positions. So please, respect what our hostesses tell you. They only defend their jobs. Thank you for your understanding.

If you wish to picnic before starting the adventure, there are also other options near the park that can welcome you.

Le megalithic site of the Fairies’ roc at 15 km of the park


Roche aux Fées (Fairies’ Roc)

Brie’s pond at 3 km of the park

Picnic at Brie’s pond

And the Vayrie’s pond at 7mn (7.5 km of the park)

Near the town of Bourgbarré, the pond, wih a playing area for children, picnic tables et several hiking possibilities especially through the Vayrie’s estate and its equestrian center, offers an ideal site for a picnic surrounded by nature.