Enter in the last egyptian tomb…

Climb into an explorer’s skin on the footsteps of an evil wizard…

Cross the tomb until the Naos, the medieval castle until the throne room, loose yourself into the rooms of the 40 doors maze…
You will travel thanks to the quality of the sets which is essential since the creation of the park.


A 3 to 4 hour challenge in your measure !

Novelty 2019 : The Resolute

Conceived as a life-size board game, adding to it the spice of discovering the place, the adventure circuit in Enigmaparc is really multigenerational : the youngest ones find the secret exits and manipulate the games, the adults focused, reasoned, lead the investigation. They won’t let anybody deprive them of the final answer !


The Resolute

Enter Enigmus's book shop !

Enigmus is accused of murder, he left you clues and tracks to venture in the depths of his book shop. He asks for your help to find the real murderer to prove him innocent. Clues, tracks, secret doors, hidden rooms, will you be able to discover all his strange book shop's secrets ?


Briefing on the mission

The pressure steps up to the next level…

As soon as you arrive, you will be briefed on your mission before you start the game.
Each riddle require a minimum of grey cells if you want to make it easy and fill in the game grid which was given to you. Sheriff’s advice : “observe everything well !” The collected clues will help you find the final key word.


Enter 12 worlds full of riddles !

Start an investigation in 2500m² of indoor mazes full of games and riddles.

12 courses to explore, games of skill, observation, deduction and puzzle games…

You love treasure hunts, role plays in exotic, unusual or intriguing sets… ? This new leisure park concept entirely indoor is made for you.

During 3 to 4 hour, in the footsteps of the explorer Enigmus, you will exercise your neurons by solving riddles on themes as different as : ancient Egypt, medieval, Greek Mythology, Asia, South America, a Celtic village, Polynesia, and sometimes even unusual… a disused mine…

You will have to prove skills, cleverness and find the secret exits of the mazes !

Come to discover Enigmaparc, a unic theme parc in Europe !


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Great day. very interesting for a cheap price. Great decorations and very nice staff, all positive. Perfect !!!

Sarah , 35 ans