Team-based game where everyone brings his own skills

Come plays the explorers, in full safety!

Comme discover 8 to 12 settings and solve riddles : adult/children course or even very young explorer. Choose your course below !

See you soon !


Enter in the last egyptian tomb…

Climb into an explorer’s skin on the footsteps of an evil wizard…

Cross the tomb until the Naos, the medieval castle until the throne room, loose yourself into the rooms of the 40 doors maze…
You will travel thanks to the quality of the sets which is essential since the creation of the park.


The medieval adventure starts... here !

Novelty : The Throne of Breizh !

Don't fear to end up eye-to-eye (or more like eye-to-snout) with Diwaller, the dragon. He witnessed a thousand years of History leading to the Brittany unification in one duchy. It's up to you to win this very briton "Game of Throne"...


Gamers and role-player are gonna love it !

Meticulous and very immersive settings

Those who like History or stories, those who like to rack their brains, the artists, the role-players, they are going to loooove it !


Briefing on the mission

The pressure steps up to the next level…

As soon as you arrive, you will be briefed on your mission before you start the game.
Each riddle require a minimum of grey cells if you want to make it easy and fill in the game grid which was given to you. Sheriff’s advice : “observe everything well !” The collected clues will help you find the final key word.


Theme park near Rennes, in Ille-et-Vilaine : riddles, mazes, games

Investigate in 2400m² of indoor mazes full of games and riddles !

Enter 12 worlds full of riddles !

Start an investigation in 2500m² of indoor mazes full of games and riddles.

12 courses to explore, games of skill, observation, deduction and puzzle game… for outings in groups, with family, friends.

You love treasure hunts, role plays in exotic, unusual or intriguing sets… ? This new leisure park concept entirely indoor is made for you.

During 3 hours (1h30 for the Treasure Hunt and 2h for l’A. Nocturne or the Birthday Challenge), in the footsteps of the explorer Enigmus, you will exercise your neurons by solving riddles on themes as different as : ancient Egypt, Greek Mythology, Asia, South America, a Celtic village, Polynesia, and sometimes even unusual… a disused mine… a video-game setting… a board game… or even the resolute desk (the very one from the White House !)…

You will have to prove skills, cleverness and find the secret exits of the mazes !

Come to discover Enigmaparc, a unic theme parc in Europe !


Open on Saturdays, Sundays and everyday of the school holidays



If you don’t book, you can come for one of these departures (be there at least 15mn early) :

For the Big Course (Grand Parcours) :  10:15 / 10:45 / 11:15 / 1:30 / 2:00 / 2:30 / 3:00 / 3:30

For the Treasure Hunt (Jeu de Piste) 4-8 years old :10h30 ou 4:15

For L’A.Nocturne : 7pm

Attention : Priority to people with a booking.

Forbidden for unaccompanied minors, 1 adult can have only a maximum of 5 children in his team.

Booking without online payement

3 types of game to suit all ages

The Big Course (3h)

Course for all ages :

Your family is made of adults with children from 9 to 17. You want everyone to participate. Therefore you need several difficulty levels inside a same common core to please everyone. Choose the Big Course. You will wander through 12 universes with very immersive settings and will have to solve riddles. 1/3 of them will be easy, 1/3 of medium difficulty and 1/3 difficult.


For the competitive Gamers : compete in L’A. Nocturne on Saturday evenings, a challenge between adults only . 6 team of 4 to 8 players max in competition. 

L’A. Nocturne, for adults only !

You dream of an evening with friends, without the kids ? You feel like doing something new, unusual to wrack your brain, brainstorm style… You want to test your investigator mind but not all alone ? As a team, against others teams ! L’A.Nocturne is for you !

In teams of minimum 4 pers. (max 8), you settle at a saloon table upon your arrival (7pm). The game master pours you his special mixture (supposed to multiply your intellectual capacities !), it’s the briefing-apero. Listen very carefully for the following events depend on your attention level… Here you go, you have 2 hours to the minute to solve up to 24 riddles through 6 universes… Meet at 9pm at the saloon for a well-deserved meal (burger-chips, drink, and an ice-cream of your choice on top of it !) and if you have been the best ! An award is necessary !

The 4 to 8’s treasure hunt !

This game consists in looking, on a marked route by our designer, for clues in the form of letters and numbers, which allow to move progressively toward a goal known by the players : discover a magic word…

Possible everyday of opening to the public at 10:30 or at 4:15 on mandatory booking, the game lasts a bit more than 1h30. Final debriefing at 12:00 and 6:00 sharp !

At the end of the course, the teams give back their grids to the hostesses, at the exit, to get their diploma.

For those who will have the right answer, they will tell you where to go to meet…  the riddles’ chief controller…

It is up to you to show discipline to reach to end of the adventure… Speed and haste are your greatest enemies…

So, how to choose my course according to the ages in my team ?

INDOOR FUN PARK LOCATED IN ILLE ET VILAINE AT 15 min in the south of Rennes, 1h from Saint Malo, Vannes, Angers or Nantes

Restauration on site at ENIGMAPARC :  SALOON and outdoor picnic area

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(Better than air conditioning) : the air is constantly renewed and cooled to assure you the best comfort without the germs !!


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Great day. very interesting for a cheap price. Great decorations and very nice staff, all positive. Perfect !!!

Sarah , 35 ans