The services

The Services

Tickets and gift envelopes :

Offer the ENIGMAPARC adventure, thanks to the « adventure gift » envelopes !

There are available, at the park’s entrance, in the gift shop or on order.

Simply send your check written out to Enigmaparc as well as a 3€ stamped envelope (100g) for a maximum of 10 tickets, 6€ for more, mentioning the address where you want to receive the tickets.

Or you can buy them on our online giftshop.

Attention : unaccompanied minors will be refused admission into the park. Tickets are non refundable nor exchangeable. Their period of validity is one year.

Sending address : Enigmaparc, ZA du Bois de Teillay, Quartier du Haut Bois, 35150 Janzé

It is also possible to pay for your tickets by credit card on the pone by calling the:

02 99 47 07 65. 

We will then calculate the sending fees. If the park is closed, leave a message. We will call you back since our team isn’t always on site. Thank you for your understanding.

You will then receive your tickets (valid during a year) as well as the gift envelope. 


CALCULate the price of the tickets I want to offer

The tickets you would like to offer will be valid during a year starting on their purchasing date. They will be delivered with an adventure gift envelope. Your guests will then have to book the day and hour of their choice (by phone or email) to come enjoy the Enigmaparc adventure. Attention : for the visit, maximum 5 children for an adult.

  • Price: 14,50 € Quantity : 
  • Price: 18,50 € Quantity : 
  • Price: 16,50 € Quantity : 
  • 0,00 €
    Send (with stamped envelope with your address) to the following address : Enigmaparc, ZA du bois de Teillay 35 150 Janzé


What if you offered a full stay ?

Here is an idea of a gift certificate for a stay. We have more…Don’t hesitate to contact us..

Gift certificate : -> 1 night for 6 persons in the « Gargouille » cottage, stay in a responsible and collaborative countryside.

-> 6 entrance tickets for the 3h riddles’ course at Enigmaparc, a family parc at the crossroads between game, culture and artistic evocations.

IDEa of the MOMENT : OFFer a gift certificate; discovery stay: 1 Night in an eco-responsible cottage and the entrances at enigmaPARC

To order ? A simple phone call at 06 98 57 39 60 or 06 70 40 01 59 and ask for Claudiane or Frédéric.

For a family or a group of friends up to 6 persons : The Gîtes du Presbytère,  with a cozy, soothing atmosphere, conceived on ecological and reuse of materials principles + the entrance tickets to Enigmaparc for the 3h course.  The price is variable according to the group composition : adults, teenagers, children.

For a couple or a family of 4 people, a cosy cottage with all comfort, fully equipped and conceived with the same rigour, « l’amphi » + the entrance tickets to Enigmaparc.

Gift certificate : -> 1 night for 4 persons in the « L’Amphi » cottage, stay in a responsible and collaborative countryside.

-> 4 entrance tickets for the 3h riddles’ course at Enigmaparc, a family parc at the crossroads between game, culture and artistic evocations.

I discover the « Gîte du Presbytère » 


The family adventure : OFFer a gift certificate ; stay in the squirrels’ tree house and the entrance at enigmaparc

Explorer stay

Gif certificate

-> A night in the tree house and 4 entrance tickets for Enigmaparc

I discover the « Cabane Aux Écureuils » 

The shop :

You will find souvenirs and small gifts at reasonable prices in realtion to the park’s themes, riddle books or boxes, escape game books, but also, licenced works like for exemple Natasha Faulkner’s fairies…

Feel free to se it here because it’s quite small… Don’t hesisate to ask our hostesses for any product you might be interested in !

I visit the gift shop

A touristic information area will also help you find all the documentation you need to organize the rest of your stay : accommodation, restaurants, parks, museums, castles, gardens, but also festivals…


THE free shuttle service :

Arrivée à Enigmaparc

To facilitate the access of all to the park, and as part of our involvement in sustainable development, we provide (on a simple reservation by phone at the except between 12h and 14h30) a free shuttle service with 8 seats from the train station of Corps-Nuds (TER direction Châteaubriant, or Bus line 73.) We have a partnership with TER Bretagne and appear on their website (see link :

Schedule also on :

Attention : No shuttle between 12:00 and 2:30.

The parking lot is also free if you come on your own.

The adventure without my car

2 solutions to access the park without a car.

Solution n° 1 :

Arrived at Rennes’ train station; take the subway to the station « La Poterie » (9min) ; take the bus 62 or 73 (2 min walk) and get off at Corps Nuds’ station (29 min) ; we will come get you, for free, with the Enigmaparc shuttle (8 seats). Attention ! You nedd to book the shuttle beforehand (no shuttle between 12h and 2:30pm)

Solution n°2 :

Arrived at Rennes’ train station, you can access the City Roul’s station easily : 24, boulevard Solférino, (near the bus station, across the hairdessing school). City Roul is a sel-service car rent in Rennes ! Once you have registered on the City Roul’s website :, you will receve a card (you can also get it at the Citédia Shop, 49 rue de Puits Mauger in the center of Rennes).

You can book a vehicle until 5mn before the chosen time and, with the City Roul card, the car is at your disposal.

To book : connect on you account or on the City Roul app. On D Day at the chosen time, your car will be waiting for you on a City Roul reserved spot. In self-service, on simple reservation, you can take a car 24/7 thanks to yout City Roul or Korrigo card. You just pass your card on the windshield to unlock to car and it’s yours! Don’t forget to do an inventory before use and when you come back. Here is Enigmaparc’s GPS point  : Lat N-47.9729 / Long. W-1.5316 – direction: Za du Bois de Teillay – Quartier du Haut Bois – 35150 Janzé.

Recharge my Electric Vehicle : FOR A SMOOTH AND SUSTAINABLE RIDE

On early reservation only by email or at our address (above on the right) we offer a free shuttle service between the park and electric car’s charging stations in Janzé.

2 possibilities:

  • Music hall’s (Le chêne Jaune) parking lot, 1 rue Paul Painlevé
    • Authentication : badge béa- SDE35 or Alize charge app
    • Connection 3.7 – 22 KW
      • 1 E/F outlet and T3 outlet
      • 1 E/F outlet and T2 outlet
  • Rue Charles Lindbergh
    • Authentication : badge béa- SDE35 or Alize charge app
    • Connection 40 KW
      • Possibility to recharge 2 vehicles simultaneously: 1 in AC and the other in DC
      • CHA outlet of MO 40 KW, Combo 40 KW, AC 43 KW

New : MéGo arrangement!

As part of the continuity of the measures already taken for a bigger respect of the l’environment (installation of a biological air-conditioner in 2017, of a compost bin for pigs and a can crusher in 2018), Enigmaparc now provides a device allowing the recycling of cigarettes ends !