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Enigmaparc offers you numerous services and supports your events :

All games and riddles are translated in English and Spanish. The answers are, of course, in French but we give you a little vocabulary to  help you find them.

The riddles are not all simple, you might not find them all but there are 23 so you can easily do half of it which represents 3 hours of playing.

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A booking service (via our website, see on the side of the page)  ou by e-mail :, or phone : is at your disposal to, especially on peak periods (school holidays, rainy days…), ensure you an access to the park. (number of places limited to 300 people). 

No advance payment is required; so you can change or cancel this reservation and at no cost up to 48h beforehand but remember to cancel if you are not coming !!! Otherwise, we will be obliged to send you a  bill… Thank you for your understanding.

We reserve the right to charge you the tickets if you book and don’t come without cancelling beforehand because the park’s future, subjected to very low quotas, could be threatened…

Attention ! The access is forbidden to unaccompanied minors. An adulte can only have a maximum of 5 children in his team.


Come well shod ! Sure we play Sherlock but there are also 12 mazes to go through, so several km to walk and a few surprises : steps too short… to high… monkey bridges… a little scale ? Nothing compulsory (you can avoid the most sporting parts) but might as well wear sneackers or trainers !

Come « light » , without your hands full. Large backpacks (larger than the shoulders) can be a danger and won’t be allowed in the park. It is also not allowed to bring food inside the park (presence of natural floors, impossible to wash… The inside tables are reserved for visitors who eat at the saloon).

So, if you bring snacks or picnics, put them into a cooler in your car. The picnic area is outside but covered. It is under videosurveillance. All abusive behaviour (climbing on the tables, throwing the garbages on the floor…) will result in a refusal of access to the park.

We also draw your attention to the fact that with the establishment of the Grenelle de l’environnement, the indication panels of the leisure facilities outside of  a city are now forbidden and have been removed. It is therefore wise to study the access to the sites beforehand. Here is our GPS point : Lat. N-47,9729 / Long. W-1,5316 or see our page HOW TO FIND US.

Attention : Plan Vigipirate : no backpacks will be allowed in the park (outside of small one like purses or pouches which will be inspected). Leave coats, hats, scarves, sunglesses… in the car as well (no lockers). You can go to your car at any time and come back in the park.

Forbidden in the park : all object that can be considered dangerous : aerosols, knives or other sharp instruments, weapons (including replicas) tools, liquids over 100ml. Water bottles are allowed.

For the record :  for safety and responsibility reasons, the visit is only possible if there is at least one adult (18 or up) to accompany a maximum of 5 children or minors (until 17).

And to ensure to safety :  Plan COVID19

Accepted means of payment :

Cash, Cheques (on presentation of an identity card), Credit cards


The games areas (because of the particularity of the courses) are not accessibles to people with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs. Presence of rope bridges, climbing passages, rocky floors, mazes with narrow hallways, staggered or unseemly sized steps… Only the central area and the toilets are fully accessible.

See the  ACCESSIBILITY REGISTER here Sorry, only in french.


The riddles level at Enigmaparc isn’t simplist. It adresses more to adult or teenagers who can be accompanied by younger children. For the 5 to 8, we established the treasure hunt. If there are young children and older one, we advise the Big Course to make sure no one is bored.

How to choose you course ?

For the riddles’ course, the children must know how to read and write so it’s better with children from 8-9 years old. Their involvement in the game will depend on their concentration and observation capacities (which are interesting to develop this way !). We see 8 years old children finding the answers to half of the riddles as well as 12 ou 13 yers old teenagers, less involved, who don’t do much…

A lot of families come to do the courses between adults with very young children (under 5) and take turn to walk them in the park which, with its settings and decorations, fascinates to younger ones ! The entrance is free for children under 5 on the Big Course, under 4 for the Treasure Hunt.

Le parc offers a bouncy caste, throwing games and cubes games which will please the younger ones but the Big Course is made more for adult and teenagers than for them.

The younger ones :

The park is mainly accessible to the young children (possibility of stroller, in the central area only). For the game’s area, we recommend to bring also a baby carrier. We can eventually lend you one (deposit of 10€ given back when you leave).

2 to 3 courses or parts of courses should be avoided with them : the 7 tortures, the black rock and the « hard level » in Arcadia


It is possible to rest regularly. Many benches are at your disposal (see map in the accesibily register above) in the Water Horses (snack-bar), in front oof EnigmaBeach (facing a screen showing movies on the park’ themes), in the City of the Sun, the Medieval room… Same restiction as for the younger ones if mobility issues.

Foreign languages :

All the games are translated in English and Spanish but be careful ! The games are not simplist and the answers must be given in French. That’s why we give you, with the translation, a glossary with some vocabulary to help you reach the end of this adventure.

We have been open for more than 10 years and we are each time impressed by the foreigh visitors’ excellent level who don’t always overcome all the riddles but the majority.

Our friends on four legs :

Even if, like you, we love our four-legged friends… we can’t allow them in the park which in indoors and on natural floors… The Boards of Health are against (quite rightly !) the cohabitation in the sand of our friends and children….


(Better than air conditioning) : the air is constantly renewed and cooled to assure you the best comfort without the germs !!

The events

The birthday option (adult or child):

Very requested ! To book at least 15 days or a month before ! (minimum 6 pers)


TREAUSRE HUNT Birthday 4 to 8 years old – 1h30

Single price adults/children : 15€

Includes :

  • 1h30 of games
  • Birthday snack (chocolate cake + coke or orange juice)
  • Privatized room for the snack
  • Gift for the birthday girl or boy
  • Invitations for friends

Availability request


BIRTHDAY CHALLENGE : 9 to 11 yo – 2h

Single price adults/children : 18€

Includes :

  • 2h of games
  • Birthday snack (chocolate cake + coke or orange juice)
  • Privatized room for the snack
  • Personalized riddle
  • Gift for the birthday girl or boy
  • Invitations for friends

Availability request


BIG COURSE Birthday 12 yo and up – 3h

Prices 0-4 yo : 5€, 5-11 yo : 19,50€, 12-17 yo : 22,50€, adults : 23,50€

Includes :

  • 3h of games
  • Birthday snack (chocolate cake + coke or orange juice)
  • Privatized room for the snack
  • Personalized riddle
  • Gift for the birthday girl or boy
  • Invitations for friends

Availability request


Bachelor party :

Time to create memories!  (6 to 20 pers) 

The bachelor party option includes :

Enterrement de vie de célibataires

  • 30 min of animation with the sheriff himself on the basis of a questionnaire which will help us to personalize the animation based on the personnality and the story of your guests
  • A drink taken together, to debrief the games (cider bowl or coke or orange juice or hot beverage) !

We send the questionnaire at the time of the booking


Availability request


If you want to spend a weekend or stay longer in the Britanny’s doors country, you will also find on the website :

ideas of tours in camping cars 

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