Kelt Keriadenn

On the side of the entrance door of the celtic village, we can see two heads : they are not dragons, they are dogs ; war dogs, a strong symbol for Bretons. Iut is a the origin of the name « Tanguy » because « Tan » means fire and « Guy » is a gaelic deformation of « Ki » which means dog in Breton.

The visitor discovers here the Viking world with the strange language of Runes, the rondaches representing sacred animals, a mill, a celtic cross, and even the cave of the wotch, the Grignouse herself.

In the Chief’s hut, we admire a reprosuction of the Bayeux Tapestry representing the Hastings battle : in 1027, Guillaume of Normandy was born, also known as the Bastard or long sword. He will become William the Conqueror. He inherited the duchy of Normandy at the age of 8 and is a direct descendant of the vikings (Duke of Rollon).

A little further, you can take the helm of a Drakkar ! Be careful of the return of mainsail !

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