The Resolute Desk

Do you know the story of this famous desk built in the frames of a British boat lost in the ice of Groenland and offered from the Queen Victoria to the President of the USA ? It is said that it hides the powerfuls’s secrets… what about you… do you think you can reveal what it is hiding ?

Albert Enigmus is a book seller, explorer, destined to a strange and fantastic life by a spell. What if in one of his adventures he got accused of murder ? What if you were his only hope of being proved innocent ?…

He invites you in his office where stands the Resolute desk. He left you some keys, codes, clues… tracks to find your way to his magic book shop and allow you to open a book, a book which will lead you to the solving of this investigation.

Will you find the keys to move forward ? Behind a room of his house is hidden another room, and another one…and another one….

Finally arrived in the dining room, will you be able to solve the very last riddle of this adventure ? An Einstein riddle, more difficult than any other in the park and which will reveal Doctor Lenoir’s murderer and give proof to innocent Albert Enigmus ?

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